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Best Bridal Services in Philadelphia

Zaneta (Leszczynska) Costantino has been a professional hair stylist for 17 years. She embarked on her career at Noël  Sy, honing her craft under Betty Sy and cultivating expert-level color techniques. Her pursuit of excellence in hairstyling continued under the guidance of the famed Artur Kirsh, whose tutelage helped Zaneta hone her skills and become proficient in the coveted art of dry cutting.

After gaining a solid foundation in color and precision cutting, Zaneta expanded her repertoire by delving into bridal hairstyling and mastering the art of hand-tied extensions. She approaches her craft with passion and dedication – seeing each client not just as a customer, but as an opportunity to impart confidence and rejuvenation. It is her unwavering belief that everyone who departs her chair should feel renewed and empowered.

Indulge in the unparalleled expertise of Zaneta, Salon Oko’s leading bridal hairstylist, as you embark on the journey to your dream wedding day in the heart of Philadelphia.

Why Choose Zaneta and Salon Oko for Your Bridal Hair?

Personalized Consultation: Meet with Zaneta to discuss your vision, hair type, and wedding aesthetic so that she can craft a hairstyle designed to fit seamlessly into your bridal ensemble.

Trial Run: Prioritize confidence on your special day with a trial run session led by Zaneta in which you’ll collaborate closely to perfect your chosen hairstyle, ensuring absolute satisfaction and peace of mind.

Enduring Elegance: Zaneta utilizes top-tier products and refined techniques to ensure that your hairstyle maintains its impeccable allure throughout your celebration.

On-Site Services: Elevate your wedding day preparations with convenient, on-site hair services that allow you to experience Zaneta’s hair artistry in the comfort of your chosen venue.

    • Our Bridal Hair Services Encompass:
    • Artfully crafted updos ranging from classic chignons to ethereal braids and intricate twists
    • Cascading waves and curls to infuse your hairstyle with dimension and allure
    • Seamless hair extensions to enhance length or volume according to your preferences
    • Comprehensive hairstyling for your entire bridal party, ensuring cohesive elegance
    • Expert placement of veils and headpieces to complement your bridal ensemble flawlessly

Schedule Your Bridal Hair Consultation with Zaneta Today!

You deserve to look transcendent for your wedding day, and the first step is scheduling your personalized bridal hair consultation with Zaneta, Salon Oko’s leading bridal hairstylist. Let her expertise and passion transform your vision into a breathtaking reality.

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